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Virgin Holidays is the UK’s number 1 holiday provider, focused on long-haul destinations and benefitting from its close relationship to sister-brand Virgin Atlantic. The website and brand are managed in-house in an Agile environment with varying, concurrently-run work streams.


The brief

Over an extended period, various objectives were outlined — from dedicating ourselves to enhancing and improving the overall search experience to focusing attention upon specific areas of user confusion.

The challenge

Our primary objective was to overhaul the search experience whilst working within the strict parameters of current technical feasibility.

The solution

We transformed the search bar from a visual side-note to a primary call-to-action. The search input was broken down into a staged, interactive approach with a far greater emphasis on tailoring the content to the user’s needs.


I was brought in as part of the external consultancy Clearleft as a Product Designer. From the initial stakeholder workshops to Design QA before final release, I was involved in the entire user-centric creative process.