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Having brought London's Hummingbird Bakery from brochure website to eCommerce platform, I was approached by Bulka Bakery to help them similarly transform. Bulka needed a powerful website to showcase, sell and manage its extensive product listing. Based in Moscow, Russia, it also required complex delivery and logistical solutions and a dual-language platform.


The brief

Having no website, this upscale restaurant/cafe/bakery with 6 locations across Moscow desired an extensive eCommerce website.

The challenge

The client had no experience with development, but did have a very refined aesthetic eye. We both learned extensively over the course of the project — with the client learning about the scope of an eCommerce site undertaking, and our own education regarding the very complex delivery parameters that needed to exist due to Moscow’s physical layout combined with the perishable product line. 

The solution

After extensive journey mapping, flowchart and wireframe exploration, we created a multi-lingual Drupal website with complex fulfilment capabilities based on 9 distinct page templates.


As project owner and designer, I was responsible for all client handling, developer liaising, business management, flowcharts, site architecture, wireframes, designs and photography guidelines.