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What's in a title? — An evolution of self

I've lately been thinking about my role in the world. What I want to have accomplished, and what it is that brings me particular happiness and reward. With it, I've also been thinking about what I call myself. 

For the first number of years, I worked in branding. 'Graphic Designer' was truly appropriate as a title, as I covered every realm of design that implemented graphical items — logo development, printed collateral, digital platforms, moving image, livery and even uniforms; along with a few greater strategic items such as brand positioning, brand architecture, and so on.

From there, I began to refine my focus, and 'Digital Designer' began to feel more relevant. I still worked on branding and printed projects from time-to-time, but I was primarily designing and managing the creation of digital products — eCommerce websites, apps and the like.

A few years ago, I discovered a particular interest in and affinity for user experience. I stopped managing large digital projects, focused on UI design (along with 'UI Designer' as a term), whilst involving myself in as many opportunities for UX education as possible. I've evolved to being a 'Product Designer', covering the ground of UI and UX.

Although I don't feel I perhaps desire or deserve the exclusive term 'UX Designer' as I still feel the pull of visuals strongly, I am forever altered in my output by the questions I now ask before undertaking even the smallest task. Moreover, I find myself walking through the world, applying the same questions of need, efficiency, and reward to everything around me.

I began my title allowing for a very broad remit, and refined and refined. Could it be that I now see myself evolving back to a greater scope — to projects not limited by a digital interface, but to a greater, far more holistic manner of handling the user/customer/consumer and their experience? How exciting.

'Experience Designer.' I like the sound of that.

Lyndsay Lucero