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6 questions to help find your purpose — and happiness—in life

Using a pile of sticky notes, key questions and cross-pairing, I figured out what I want to be doing.

I’m a keen life planner. There are a million changes that can come out of the air — and even harder when juggling the priorities of a partner and the needs of kids — but knowing the milestones and destinations I’m trying to reach gives me a huge degree of comfort. If I know how many days exist until the next milestone, I find myself far less likely to rewatch all of Buffy.

I’ve lately been exploring my motivators — what gives me personal reward and fulfilment. Over the past few years, I’ve found myself shifting knowledge sets and generally having a change in personal vision. The titles and roles I once aimed for no longer are of particular interest.

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Lyndsay Lucero
What's in a title? — An evolution of self

I've lately been thinking about my role in the world. What I want to have accomplished, and what it is that brings me particular happiness and reward. With it, I've also been thinking about what I call myself. 

For the first number of years, I worked in branding. 'Graphic Designer' was truly appropriate as a title, as I covered every realm of design that implemented graphical items — logo development, printed collateral, digital platforms, moving image, livery and even uniforms; along with a few greater strategic items such as brand positioning, brand architecture, and so on.

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Lyndsay Lucero